Rifle and ammunition import.
Download our Guidelines here.
Download SAP 520 here.
Otherwise follow these links for pre-approved permits.

When is the best time of year to hunt South Africa?
South Africa’s climate is best suited for hunting from May to September as these months have cooler temperatures and there is less rain predicted.

What is included in your service?
Transportation to and from local airports. Accommodation.
All Meals. All water, sodas, local beers and wine. Laundry.
Skinning and field prep of trophies.

What is excluded in your service?
Tips and gratuities. Taxidermy. International and local flights.

Are there activities for non-hunting clients?
Yes there are many non-hunting activities to do reasonably close to our hunting areas such as:
National Parks.
Shopping experiences.
Zip line adventures.
Hot air balloon rides.
Photography and sightseeing.

Do you provide Taxidermy services?
No that is the client’s own choice of which Taxidermy to use but we do recommend the following companies:

What calibre rifles do you recommend I bring?
We recommend any of the .308 calibres for plains game.
We recommend a minimum of .375 for dangerous game.

How far do we walk in a day?
Depending on the client’s physical ability we would walk between 4 to 9 km a day, when Bird hunting, we have
clocked 15 km before in one day.

When is Bird hunting season?
Bird hunting season varies on species and months of the year, please have a look here.

What should I pack on Safari? 

We have a Safari packing list please download it here. 

How big are your hunting areas? 

In the North West Province our hunting areas vary from 1000 ha to 5000 ha. Our Eastern cape hunting areas are between 2000 ha and 27000 ha.

Would I have to share a camp with other hunters or Outfitters?
No, we do not share camps with other outfitters or their hunters, we also don’t book more than one hunting party at a time. If you are a single hunter, you have our camp exclusively.

What animals will I see while hunting?
We only hunt in areas where there are sustainable herds of a variety of species it will not be uncommon to see many different herds of different species while hunting e.g., Sable, Giraffe, Wildebeest, Eland, Zebra, Impala and warthog.